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Why CloudUSB SEP > The control point

The control point

March, 15, 2010

Internet and today widespread connectivity possibilities have make very easy and useful the data spreading all over the world with the obvious advantage of having it available everywhere.

But which is the missing concept in this scenario?
It the control point idea!

Whenever we assist to major (or minor) revolutions there are a lot of new things, different things, or thing that are used differently. The first reaction is the fear to be overwhelmed by the new ideas and technology, to have no control on what is going on and to refuse everything.
It's obviously a wrong approach: new ideas can be managed by noting the essence of what we think is a problem, and when we have it clear, the solution will be at hand.

The problem of data uncontrolled spread is the control point!
Who controls my data?

The problem is not having data spread all over the world, but having control of it. This is an obvious observation, but a very effective one.
One can put his data on remote servers, but keep the control of it, not by some uncertain "Legal Agreement" but keeping technically the data available only to authorized persons.
The solution proposed by the CloudUSB SEP (Security and Privacy) exploits just this simple idea: data is crypted using the state of the art technologies. This means that only the person with the correct password can access to the data.
When this has been assured, the data can be stored everywhere and we are sure that the control point is in our USB stick which will be a key to access the data. A key which will make easy to access the data, but not the only key: one can duplicate his key, both on other USB stick or personal computer, or create a new key when necessary, with the only requirement to know the correct password!