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CloudUSB Computer > The idea

The idea

It would be nice to have always a laptop with us, but so small to stay in our pockets! But why do we need the entire laptop hardware? As a matter of fact we just need our software and our data! This can be easily done with an USB key, whose storage capacity is sufficient to keep both programs and data, but this solution has 2 main problems:
  • to execute your programs you need a computer (easy to find) but you have to install your programs, or you could leave some unwanted log in the computer you use, or the computer could have some sort of spyware installed ... you do not know exactly what you are using
  • having your data always with you can enhance the possibility you lose your data and/or, even more dangerous, someone can see and use them!
Can we solve both problems? Of course!

The solution

The solution is the use of freely available technologies based on free software, so we know how our data are managed, and to integrate them in a portable, flexible, powerful device: the CloudUSB!
The technologies CloudUSB integrates are well known, as to say, they are tested and secure: our team has integrated them to answer a very important question: how do I get my data with me, in a secure way?
In details we use:
  • The linux operating systems (now we use Ubuntu, you can call this CloudU(S)Buntu :-), but the components are standard), installed on a USB key: it is a bootable key, you just need to find a PC to use your environment without modifying anything on the host PC, nor letting down any log or sentitive information.
    Linux is a very customable system and you can customize it to meet your needs.
  • The EncFS module to secure your sensitive data with AES - Advanced Encryption Standard or BlowFish, so your data will be protected both in the usb key (if you lose it) and in the remote online backup storage!
  • An online backup solution: now we use services, as the client is multi-platform, but you can use any simular service.
All the technologies are freely available, and Dropbox services are free (up to 2G storage): so you can test the solution!

If you need some other personalizations, you can always contact .