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Why CloudUSB SEP > Ubuntu 10.04?

Ubuntu 10.04?

May, 2, 2010

It's time for a CloudUSB update: we have available the new Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and it's cloud oriented! We are testing it for various reason, but mainly:
  • it is a LTS (Long Term Support) and we are very interested in the stability and affidability of CloudUSB;
  • it includes the support for UbuntuOne: the cloud storage solution of Canonical, and it could be a good solution for CloudUSB too!
Well ... and when will the new release of CloudUSB be available?
We hope it will be soon, but we need to accomplish some tests, and we keep you up to date on them:
  • First things first: let's install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS! The first test has been accomplished on a virtual machine using VMware easy setup (no questions asked during setup). It completes correctly, but the keyboard is not responding.
  • Well, a VMware problem? Let's try the manual installation: it starts, but gives a pop up telling us it found an error and is falling back to a desktop session. Well, from the desktop session we start the installer and everything is fine ...
  • Probably Ubuntu does not like VMware: same test on a real hardware, same results: first and error, fall back to desktop session, run the installer and everything ok!
  • Probably a strange hardware, but we have a laptop at hand (Dell Inspirion 510m, not a new model, but currently running Ubuntu 9.10): we use it as a testing machine. The CD (correctly verified the MD5sum) starts, shows the splash screen and then a blank screen (we are unable to do anything). Same results starting in text mode.
  • Solution to boot the Inspirion: set boot option  "i915.modeset=1"
  • Now we will look for other PCs to test the installation procedure
  • So we go on with the tests on VMware: after having a complete installation we check the UbuntuOne services. We have an account for ubuntuOne and we check it connecting via web: the account seems ok, with our files are on it ... we just need to say Ubuntu to connect to it ... well as soon as we find where we can set up login and password for the online UbuntuOne account we will test it!!!
Conclusion: at the moment we have ported the old setup to Ubuntu 10.04, but we are unable to test with the hardware we have at hand (it shows the blank screen, as when booting from installation CD).
A good time to start browsing forums to verify if this was a bad weekend for us or if there's something to fix!
Surely, being a LTS release, I would have expected less problems :-(
As soon as we have news we will post them!